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Privacy Policy

We keep privacy of our visitors on priority, at “assuredappliancerepairsvc, which can be reached at

The sorts of information that are gathered and recorded by assuredappliancerepairsvc are listed in this Privacy Policy document, along with how we use it.

The information supplied and/or collected by visitors to our website for assuredappliancerepairsvc is covered by this privacy statement, which only pertains to our online activities.


By using our website for any data and information you automatically accept our terms and conditions and agree to our site policies.

Information we use

We will provide you with a complete explanation of why we are asking for your details, we keep our asking completely transparent and there will be a pop-up message explaining why we need your personal data.

We welcome our users to get in touch with us so that we can know more about them and can understand their requirements in a better way. Also, we can provide one to one explanations of our policies if any of our users need to know about it.

Major details that we ask for is location, to provide more accurate geographical services. Name, to address you, billing and other document work, name and email to reach out to you and have better communication.

How we will use your information on our website

We use collected information in many ways, the main agenda to use the information is to provide you better service.

To have better operation on our website and analyse user experience and upgrade our norms and services.

To improve personalised site experience.

To understand and figure out what we can change and how to use our website.

To develop new services, new products and new offers according to data of our users.

To communicate with you, have direct communication to solve any of your queries and provide you with solutions to your problems, the data is also transferred to our sales and support team for better customer satisfaction.

To send you emails of our new services, offers and any other important information or announcements.

To find and stop any fraud and nuisance.

Log Files

Assured appliance repair svc follows the standard market procedure of collecting and using log files, gathered from our visitors.

All major companies that provide any similar service or run similar businesses collect and use these log files to build better customer experience.

By employing log files, we can tailor our website to the needs of our users by gathering information about their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISP), referring/exit pages, and clickthrough rates.

By employing log files, we can tailor our website to the needs of our users by gathering information about their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISP), referring/exit pages, and clickthrough rates.

Cookies and Web Beacons

We collect cookies from our users to optimise and understand their clicks and preferences, just like any other website.

It will be your choice to accept or deny cookies.

Google DoubleClick DART Cookie

We have many party vendors on our site, google is one of them. Google also uses cookies like us to customise user experience and show more relevant ads on our website. But it will be users choice to allow google or any other third party websites, you can decline that via pop up that will be apperae.Here is the URL about google’s policy –

Our Advertising Partners

We have partnered with other advertising partners as well, which may ask for cookies and web beacons. Some of our main advertising partners are listed below, along with their own website and users data policies, you may read them for better understanding.


Advertising Partners Privacy Policies

You can connect with us to know the complete list of other advertising partners of assuredappliancerepairsvc.

Our third party advertising websites/partners mainly use cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons which are important to show featured/customised ads on assuredappliancerepairsvc, on clicking the ads you may be redirected to their browsers of landing pages.

On clicking those ads your I.P address will be automatically shared with them. This sharing is further used to know and understand users’ shopping preferences and then helping them to optimise their ads and showing more relevant ads to you.

Users please note assuredappliancerepairsvc has no authority, regulations on these third party websites and their data receiving policies.

Third Party Privacy Policies

assuredappliancerepairsvc’s given policies are not applicable on any other advertising websites.

And hence we advise you to kindly visit the privacy policies to respective websites to have better information about those websites and their regulations.

It may carry information about what and how to use the ads or options.

Although you can choose not to share your cookies, you can switch it off from your browser’s settings. Please note some features may not work if you turn off sharing your cookies.

CCPA Privacy Rights (Do Not Sell My Personal Information)

Following are the rights that Californian consumers have under the CCPA: the right to request information from companies that collect their personal data on the types and specific categories of personal data they have on their clientele.

Any personal information a company may have on you may be requested to be deleted by you.

If a company already sells customer information, ask it not to do so.

Every time you ask us to do something, we have a month to oblige. Get in direct contact with our support team if you are looking to use any of these rights.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

We want to ensure that you fully understand all of your rights in regard to data protection. These privileges apply to each user:

Having access privileges A copy of your personal information may be requested by you. For this service, we might charge a small fee to you.

Right to rectification – You have complete leverage to tell us to change or update any of our rights/policies.You also have the option to request that we fill up any gaps in the information you believe to exist.

You can delete or erase your personal data in some under some circumstances.

The right to apply for a restriction on processing – Under certain conditions, you have the right to request that we stop using your personal data for a certain purpose.

The right to object to processing – In some cases, you have the right to object to how we are using your personal data.

The right to data portability – In some situations, you have the right to request that we send the data we’ve collected to you or to another company.

If you submit any of your queries regarding privacy policies and user rights then we take around 1 month of window to answer, please be aware of this.

Children’s Information

Another one of our focuses is to enhance protection for children who use the internet. To monitor, participate in, participate in, monitor, and/or direct their children’s online behaviour, we strongly advise parents and guardians.

Intentionally, assuredappliancerepairsvc does not gather personal information from children under the age of 13 on purpose. If you think your child may have supplied this kind of information on our website, we firmly advise you to contact us right away. Every effort will be made to promptly remove such data from our database.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We might from time to time amend our privacy policy. To stay up to date, we advise you to constantly check this page. By putting the updated Privacy Policy on this page, we will let you know about any changes. The adjustments become effective as soon as they are published on this website.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact our support or legal team if you have any doubts or you need any clarifications regarding our privacy and policies.