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Washer Repair

Washer is one of most important appliances in every household, as being one of most important, the repair process of a washer is also very complex.

But we have a team of qualified and experienced technicians who have repaired many washers and gained positive feedback.

Here is our Step by Step guide of the repair process of the washer.

Step 1 – Diagnosis and evaluation:

We start with the diagnosis of the washer, we closely listen to the customer’s explanation about washers breakdown.

After customer interaction we look for any dents or marks that could have damaged the outer or inner body of the washer, we try to find any short circuit or any basic fault to avoid opening up the whole machine, initially.

Step 2 – Disassembly:

Once we evaluate the problem, we start with opening up the machine. We follow all the instructions written on the guide book of the machine to avoid any mistake.

We start with opening up the outer body by removing all screws and panels. Once we dismantle necessary parts we run a diagnosis of the motor to check any major breakdown.

Step 3 – Repair and Replacement:

Once we have identified the problem, we start our repair or replacement process, our main agenda is to repair any damage to lower the cost of our customers but if necessary we replace the faulty part with genuine parts that we source from the same brand.

While repairing we also check all other parts which are already running fine to avoid any future breakdown.

Step 4 – Tests and quality assurance:

After repairing and re-assembling the washer, we run a quality check on that. We assure that whatever we have repaired is working fine and there are no more issues in the washer.

We follow our test SOP that is made by following the brand guidelines, ensuring that the repaired washer should operate for longer times.

Step 5 – Maintenance and Cleaning:

As the repair process is a bit messy, we remove all stains and dust from the washer and make it tidy and ready to use.

We make sure to look upon the washer from every angle and clean in. We also maintain a clean environment around the repair place.

Step 6 – User-Client Interaction:

Once we have completed all the repair and cleaning work, we allow our customer to check the product and look for any other issue. 

We communicate with our customers and let them know all the important things that must be taken care of for the smooth running condition of the washer.

Safety measures:

We keep the power shut, while repairing, avoiding any accidents, we wear gloves and safety kits as per government policies.

We know that we are repairing a machine that has electric current and a powerful motor, we maintain all safety measures for ourselves and for our customers.